An Opportunity For Our Realtor Friends

Most of the companies we speak to do not have ANY relationship with a credit company, and we at TTBC would love the opportunity to create one with you!

No one likes lost business, that is nothing more than lost revenue. Do you really want your people wasting valuable time on customers that might not qualify? No, of course not. 

TTBC took the time to create the perfect system for our referral sources, and we would like nothing more than to share it with you!

The thing that gets us the most attention, (other than how fast we do our job!) is our portal system.  Every one of our referral partners is issued their own portal.  We will load each of your credit challenged clients into your portal, and now you can monitor the progress of each and every one of the clients you have brought us.  No more having to simply trust that the work is being done, clumsily written spread sheets, or emails.  You can see for yourself how work is progressing.  
Let us come out and show you how the system works to make you more money by bringing more qualified clients into your shop.

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