Why Choose TTBC?

  1. Comprehensive Finance Reports
    We offer comprehensive financial reports. Finance reports can be essential in assessing the best solution to your credit problems. We make it simple by doing them in house so you don't have to find someone else.
  2. Customized Payment Plans
    You shouldn't have to wreck your credit while paying to fix your credit. We can create payment plans to fit your needs and budget. Our goal is to help you, not make your situation even worse.
  3. Over 20 Years Experience
    There any many different methods of fixing credit, after 20 years we have a pretty good opinion of what works best and what isn't even worth spending time on. You want this knowledge. We have it for you.
  4. Friendly Service
    Credit is a personal thing. Many credit companies may treat you like just another cog in the machine, another faceless number. We don't want to make you feel like that with us. We are your friends!
Credit Repair VS Restoration,
What's Right For You?
Everyone knows that in these modern times your credit has an ENORMOUS impact on many areas of your life, so when your credit is harming you rather than helping you it is time to learn how to get back on the good credit train.

Credit Repair is a term that refers to removing the incorrect negative data from your credit report.  And while that is a great start, it does not necessarily get you where you want to be.  Especially if home ownership is your goal.  

Removing data from your credit report can easily raise the scores a bit, but it may not be enough to get you want to be score wise. It does not address what to do with accounts that need to be paid, or once that step is complete how to restructure the reports to make certain that your credit scores will continue to head in the right direction.

Credit Restoration refers to a much more in-depth program designed to get your credit from a detriment to a positive.  It encompasses everything from how to address the incorrect negative data, to paying off the debts that need to be satisfied, to adding, subtracting, or simply restructuring the current debts on your credit report so that you see a MUCH greater impact on the scores in a much more attractive time frame.
Now what do you think will be the path for you to follow?
Do you want to enter into a credit repair program?
Or do you want to get your credit restored?

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